New Project

For the past day or so I was in a slump trying to figure out what to do with the pretty multicolored and red yarn.   I knew I wanted it to be a scarf of some sort, but couldn’t find or design a pattern that made the yarn pop.

I spent the better part of yesterday searching for patterns, trying to come up with designs myself but still to no avail. Feeling frustrated I cast all yarn projects aside and took out my art journal. I spent a couple of hours sketching flowers and writing out my frustrations. Pages of color combinations and doodles were done. It was therapeutic. My mind became free and the frustration disappeared.

After a good night’s rest I went about my day and then came home to work on the project. The red yarn seemed to be glaring at me, challenging me to do something creative with it. I stared at it for a few minutes then put it back in its bag. I’m not in the mood for that challenge, today I just need a relaxing project, so shells it is.

I’m not giving up on the red scarf. I will create something fierce with it, but I need to let that challenge marinate for a while until the right project comes along. Happy crocheting it is.


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